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With rent prices reach­ing ‘ok now that’s just a bit dumb’ heights in neigh­bour­ing New­town — Mar­rickville is now under­go­ing hip­ster­frica­tion(1). At the van­guard of this move­ment is young cafe/wine bar BeeJay’s, which is quickly becom­ing a hang­out for all the cool cats in town.


As the sun shines, an all day break­fast is offered up. It is a slick infu­sion of what’s hip and what’s rel­e­vant. There’s the usual brunch ban­dits – eggs, bircher muesli and all the sour dough you could poke your yeast free fin­ger at– but what gives the menu its ‘insta­gram­ma­bil­ity’ is the incor­po­ra­tion of local flavours. The res­i­dent Mid­dle East­ern­ers of Mar­rickville get a nod with the spicy mince/eggs/yogurt combo, as do friends in the Asian com­mu­nity, with the inclu­sion of Pork Belly in the infa­mous Beejay’s Brekky.

The inte­rior of Beejay’s is just as rus­tic and striped back as you’d hoped. Old SBS clip­pings cover the seat­ing, toy cars and ani­mals sit in the spaces between the bricks, and there’s a sus­pi­ciously obtained mural of pedes­trian push but­tons in the court­yard. If any­thing, it per­haps suf­fers from a bit of quirk-overload – why are their bicy­cles every­where? Some­one please explain. How­ever, the atmos­phere inside is chat­ter­ing smiles and groovy tunes, so who’s to argue?

Bee­jay – who­ever he is (oh yeah, prob­a­bly the owner Ben­jamin, I can count to potato) – is also devel­op­ing some­thing of a cult fol­low­ing for his evening scene. While there’s a solid offer­ing of wines and cock­tails, what’s most worth cross­ing the tracks for is the fresh juice and spirit arrange­ment. Any freshly squeezed juice with any spirit. Gin, Apple Juice and Mint. (like, actual Apple Juice). For just 5 bucks! Amazeballs.

The cul­tural impact of Beejay’s within the Mar­rickville com­mu­nity is also worth not­ing. It’s perched on a cor­ner, halfway down the hill, just before the train sta­tion. Right beside it sits a name­less gro­cer, and adja­cent — a dubi­ous look­ing ‘Mixed Busi­ness’ ; fire coal and baklava, two for one. Look fur­ther along and you’ll find Greek bak­eries and Viet­namese Pho eat­ing houses. Sur­rounded by such diver­sity, this eatery could per­haps be seen as ‘the white kid on the block’ with its smashed avo and South Aus­tralian wine list. What’s remark­able is the way it con­flates with its worldly neigh­bours – Beejay’s has become another flavour in the Mar­rickville melt­ing pot. And you know what? That’s rad. That’s some­thing worth smil­ing about.


The biggest chal­lenge Ben­jamin faces is yet to come. As New­town moves into tourist ter­ri­tory, the cre­ative sorts will con­tinue to come fur­ther west — how will Beejay’s be able to main­tain rel­e­vancy? Baris­tas talk to passer-byers. Good. The court­yard out the back catches the after­noon sun. Great. Food is well priced and con­sis­tently quick. Wonderful.

Mar­rickville is in the calm before the storm. The hip­sters are com­ing, and the omi­nous march of their doc mar­tins heed a warn­ing about the stiff­en­ing of local com­pe­ti­tion – but keep an eye on Ben­jamin and his posse, they’re full of bright ideas.


Beejay’s Cafe/Wine Bar

395 Illawarra Road, Mar­rickville, NSW

Ph. (02) 9558 8860.

Cof­fee: Sin­gle Ori­gin Roast­ers, Surry Hills

(1)The gen­tri­fi­ca­tion of an urban area by young peo­ple with cre­ative inter­ests. Com­monly clad in exces­sive 90’s nos­tal­gia, drink­ing long mach’s, typ­i­cally hungover.

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  1. Diana Hancock 12 June, 2013 at 20:37 · Reply

    Great review!
    I love the pho­tos and the way the arti­cle is writ­ten it sounds like a lovely place to visit next time I’m in Mel­bourne. All day break­fast is always a win.

  2. Diana Hancock 12 June, 2013 at 20:39 · Reply


  3. Greg 13 June, 2013 at 07:54 · Reply

    Thanks! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbans­poon pro­file pic­ture is dis­played on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you pre­fer, and can change a few other blog set­tings there. Also, if you vote for a restau­rant that you’ve reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post every­where on our site.


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