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Le Miel et La Lune

Written by on 9 September, 2013 in Restaurant Reviews - 1 Comment

Le Miel et La Lune; it’s a name/phrase/bundle of words that the mouth strug­gles to get around. Is it just us? Is it our ter­ri­ble French accents? Or is it merely a slightly clumsy mouth­ful of a name? Whether it’s the for­mer or lat­ter is of lit­tle con­se­quence; what­ever brief sojourns our mouths might spend in Strug­gle­town are quickly for­got­ten. Because they’re in Deli­cious­town. Yes, that’s a place. The break­fast, lunch, and caffeine-related offer­ings com­ing from the Carl­ton North cafe that bears the name Le Miel et La Lune are well worth a trip away from the main Lygon Street drag, and the at times mediocre lunch options on cam­pus at Mel­bourne Uni.

The Cardi­gan Street cor­ner cafe is best cat­e­gorised as French-inspired-with-an-Asian-streak-on-the-menu. Aes­thet­i­cally, Le Miel is a lovely, good-looking exer­cise in the reli­able “big win­dows that open up in sum­mer”, “benches for perch­ing and tables for sit­ting and chat­ting” exposed brick sort of space. Reflec­tive, honey-coloured, honey comb-shaped, glass adorns one wall, lead­ing from the bright front sec­tion to tables out the back. It’s the kind of place where you could meet a bunch of friends for an epic brunch and mean­der­ing hours of con­ver­sa­tion, or head in with your lap­top for com­pany, hunched over with end­less cups of (Proud Mary) cof­fee and the occa­sional muffin.

The usual break­fast and lunch sus­pects are on the menu, for those who require some­thing famil­iar with which to wake up and meet the day with (the muesli is par­tic­u­larly good). What we’re most excited about how­ever, are the delight­fully slightly left-of-field offer­ings; squid sausage, some kick ass Asian sal­ads, and the pork belly potato hash are all worth writ­ing home about.

Full dis­clo­sure: Le Miel et La Lune (“the honey and the moon”, FYI) is located within walk­ing dis­tance of our office — which means we’ve break­fasted and lunched there count­less times. Once, the pork belly potato hash was met with such rap­tur­ous cries of “THIS IS DELICIOUS” that another round of it was ordered after the guy in ques­tion had pol­ished his plate off. So yeah, we like the pork belly potato hash. The corn frit­ters too, are tasty, depart­ing from Asian flavours for some­thing a lit­tle more Mex­i­can. For those just in for a snack/study-break/procrastination excur­sion, Le Miel pos­sesses a daily selec­tion of cakes and sweets and other tasty things, all pre­pared in-house.

Le Miel et La Lune is a warm, invit­ing sort of place — where one can while away an after­noon with friends, drop in for take­away, bust out an essay, or take your mum for lunch. We’ve started refer­ring to it in the office as “that awe­some place” — so even if we stum­ble over the actual name, at least you know it gets the seal of approval.

Le Miel et La Lune
330 Cardi­gan Street 
Carl­ton North 

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