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Industry Beans

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So, this ware­house spot on Fitzroy Street has been under keen Venue­mob sur­veil­lance for a while.  As inter­nal build­ing work pro­gressed a few months back, we hummed and hawed over what would pos­si­bly be unveiled. Hints that it could be some sort of hos­pi­tal­ity ven­ture were there, but located on a street more res­i­den­tial meets indus­trial, we didn’t want to get hopes up too much, lest they be dashed.

But now all antic­i­pa­tion has been met and more, as first-class cof­fee roast­ery and cafe, Indus­try Beans, has opened its Rose Street cor­ner to the masses.

Look­ing a lit­tle like a wooden ship­ping con­tainer, the venue’s pro­ject­ing facade blends well with its ware­house sur­rounds. Once inside, the seri­ous cof­fee angle of this venue becomes clear: a whole host of scientific-looking cof­fee para­pher­na­lia can be found on the counter and, once seated, pre­pare to be pre­sented with some­what of a cof­fee bible – the Indus­try Beans Cof­fee Guide – yours to peruse before mak­ing a truly con­sid­ered caf­feine order.

Yes, Indus­try Beans is some­what of a cof­fee geek’s par­adise; some­where that mol­e­c­u­lar gas­tron­o­mist chef, Hes­ton Blu­men­thal, would be proud of. Here, cof­fee is taken to another tex­tural level: cof­fee caviar, any­one? Yup, for $3 a pop one can sam­ple a smidgin of one of four unusual cof­fee cre­ations, includ­ing: cof­fee pearls, cof­fee jelly and cof­fee tof­fee.  All made within the lab-like, upper level of Indus­try Beans.

If all this screams of some­where a lit­tle OTT for your morn­ing latte, don’t be put off. Really. The vibe and staff here couldn’t be friend­lier, and it’s really not at all pre­ten­tious: it’s just that the broth­erly duo behind it (Trevor and Steve Sim­mons of Penny Far­thing — one of Northcote’s finest cafes) really care for cof­fee and all the sci­ence and ori­gin that goes with it.

And for those who are nei­ther here nor there when it comes to the brown bean stuff, we can con­firm that equally great things seem to be going on with the food here. Serv­ing break­fast and lunch fare, Indus­try Beans is any­thing but ordi­nary: Creamed Lemon Tofu Break­fast Brulee, Beet­root Ros­tis or a rab­bit ter­rine ‘Brioche Bunny Burger’ are just some exam­ples of this cafe’s solid and inven­tive offerings.

All this good­ness packed within a smart, industrial-type ware­house makes Indus­try Beans a win­ner in our books. It’s got us think­ing it would make a pretty cool, blank-canvas of a venue space to hire out come evening, once the cafe shuts its doors…watch this space.

Address: Ware­house 3, 62 Rose Street (cnr of Rose St & Fitzroy St), Fitzroy, Mel­bourne 3065.

Open­ing Hours: M-F: 7am-4pm, Week­ends: 8am-5pm.

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